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Classic Murder-Mystery Plots & Themes

Hilariously funny and played for laughs, these shows are a classic ‘DinnerTheatre’ format, and do not include our live musicians


Note: Our shows are for Adults, and Parental Guidance is recommended for anyone below the age of 16yrs

“The Cabana Club Killings"
Chicago Gangster Murder Mystery

Chicago, 1929 - a time of gangsters, flapper girls…and prohibition!

You are invited to the Cabana Club, a speakeasy of ill repute run by
notorious hostess Miss Lola Le Lowe!

All is going well, until there is a sudden MURDER in the club!

Using your powers of deduction, you must help the cities top
Private Detective, Sam Spanner solve the Murder in this fun filled
Chicago Gangster themed Murder Mystery Event.


“An Invitation To Murder”
Classic English  1920s Style Murder Mystery Event

It is 1926, and you are invited to the 21st birthday of Buntie Berkeley-Hunt,
the famous flapper and socialite.

Intrigued, you attend, and with a Hollywood Director, a famous
Spiritualist and Medium and a wealthy flapper all attending,

surely nothing can go wrong?

“An Invitation To Murder” is our classic ‘English Detective’  
1920s country house theme


“Murder On The Kilted Scotsman!”
Classic 1930s Theme set aboard the worlds most notorious Express Train “The Kilted Scotsman!”

“Extra! Extra! Killer On The Run!!”

It is sometime in the 1930s, and you find yourself  aboard “The Kilted Scotsman” - the worlds most famous (and notorious) Steam Train.

But trouble is brewing -  a spy has been accused of murder and
is believed to be on the run…and on the train!

The spy is believed to be dashingly good looking ‘Richard Fannay’
of London town - and rumour has that that he is highly dangerous!

Scotland Yard are warning the public not to approach him -
and that the killer must be caught before they strike again!

So, join us for our unique, hysterically funny 1930s Murder-Mystery theme, inspired by “Brief Encounter”  and “The 39 Steps”


“Basils Revenge”

Our tribute to the classic comedy series! Join us for a hilarious night of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem with Basil, Sybil and the gang at everybodies favourite Hotel!

The Story So Far….

Basil has organised a party at the hotel - and you are all invited.

Trouble is, most of the staff are missing, a party of German Tourists  is
about to arrive, the new chef is drunk and Sybil has gone on strike…..
and when there is a murder at the hotel, everyone is a suspect!

Join Basil, Sybil, Polly and Manuel in our madcap
“Fawlty Towers” Tribute Event!


“The Swinging Sixties Killing”
Its our super Swinging ‘60s theme…

It is 1966, and you find yourself in swinging London -
a time of mini skirts, Beatlemania and Hippies

You have been invited to the opening of ‘World Cup’ footballer
Willie Wembley’s new boutique in fashionable “Barnaby Street”,
where he is proudly exhibiting the World Cup.

Suddenly, the cup is stolen, and, even worse, there is a shocking
murder in the Boutique

The question is: Can you solve the crime and bring the murderer
to justice….
or will they get away with foul play?


“Blue Murder At St Rinians!”
Join us 1950s style for the new term at our
St Trinians” theme event

You are all invited to the grand opening of St Rinians new school
chemistry lab, and the Headmistress of St Rinians (Miss Alice De-Simm)
is desperate to keep on the right side of wealthy Arab benefactor
(and Carpet supplier) Sheik En-Vak.

But when someone sabotages the test-tubes and a shocking
death is announced, foul play is suspected!

The question is: Will Flush Harry end up down the pan,
will Jilly Hockey-Sticks find her Hockey Stick, and can
WPC Groin-feel finally get to the bottom of things?

Perfect for A School Re-union or old fashioned school disco,
find out all this in our hilarious “St Trinians Theme


“A Knights Tale”
Its our classic Medieval Murder Mystery Theme

Medieval Knight “Sir Richard” is desperate to inherit his fathers estate
before his missing brother can beat him to it!

He seeks help from the local witch, soothsayer and wise-woman 'Old Mother Plucker',
but fete plays a cruel hand just as he is about to inherit.

But just what is 'Old Mother Plucker' really up to?

Who invited the French woman Lady Eleanor?

And what has happened to Sir Richards missing brother, Sir Lance-a-boil?

Perfect for A Medieval Banquet Event, you must help save the (k)night
by exposing the killer before they can strike again in our
Murderously Mirthful Medieval Murder Event “A Knights Tale”.


“Carry On Again Screaming!”
‘Oooh, Matron!’ Its ourCarry OnMurder Mystery

You have been invited to the opening of the new “Frankens-teeth” beauty clinic & dentistry.

But the party quickly turns sour when a murder occurs!

Will Det. Sidney get to the bottom of things with Babs, the French Maid?

Can Hanniball, the man hungry man-servant, finally get something
to sink his teeth into?

And will YOU catch the killer before they can strike again?

“Carry On Again Screaming” is our screamingly funny homage
to the Carry On movies - its originally scripted by ourselves  
(as are all our shows), and is especially perfect as a
Horror theme night or for a hilarious Halloween event.


“The Mystery Of Jacob Harley”
‘Bah, Humbug!’ Its our Victorian/Dickensian
Murder Mystery Event

Inventor Jacob Harley is missing, presumed dead!

It is rumoured that his ghost has been seen in the area,
covered in chains and rattling them.

“Typical - he was always rattling his own chain” said Miss Havingum,
his distraught former bride-to-be.

Jacob was working on a fantastic new invention with his business
 partner Ebeneezer Crooge - but the plans have now gone missing!

“I’m ruined. Its going to cost me a fortune in quills to re-write the plans -
I’ll have to cut the portions I give to my orphans to pay for it all” said
Ebeneezer Crooge, his “generous” former business partner.

Perfect for Christmas, “The Mystery Of Jacob Harley” is
our fun filled Victorian/ Charles Dickens theme.  


“The Deadly Liaison”
‘Stand And Deliver!’ Its our Highwayman Murder Mystery Theme

The notorious (and glamorous) Highwayman ‘Dandy Desmond’ has
been spotted in the area - what’s more, a local dignitary has been robbed…and murdered!

But why is the mysterious French Aristocrat ‘Madam Cleavage’ following Dandy Desmond?

Just what is the singing Irish Nun ‘Sister Mary Act’ doing in the area?

And will the dashing (and heavily disguised) ‘Purple Pimple’ come to the rescue and save the day?

Perfect for Summer Balls or Masquerade Parties, “The Deadly Liaison”
is our hilarious
18th century Highwayman Murder Mystery Event


“Father Ted: The Murder Mystery”
‘Go on, Go on, Go on….’ Its our Father Ted Murder Mystery Theme

Everyone is very excited as the All Ireland “Euro-Priest Of The Year”
competition comes to the island.

And Mrs Doyle is determined that Father Ted is going to win -
she’s even helping him by selling her famous home made Hob-Nob biscuits!

But all goes wrong on the island when Father Ted’s arch-rival and
nemesis ‘Father Richard’ suddenly appears and is determined to
win the competition.

When a Murder occurs, everyone is under suspicion - including Father Jack!

Perfect for Any Time of the Year or Ted-Fest, “Father Ted: The Murder Mystery”  is our homage to the classic Channel 4 TV Series


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About Our Events:

Content Advice:
Our shows are intended for Adults.
As such we recommend Parental Guidance for anyone under the age of 16yrs.

Whilst  our shows are great fun and highly interactive, we ask that guests respect our actors, and the fact that this is a 'live' performance, and observe normal theatre show conditions.

Whilst scenes are being performed, we kindly ask that you refrain from activities such as having personal conversations, as this may impede your (and other guests)  enjoyment of the show and understanding of the storyline.

Equipment & Props:
For some of our events, we may use electrical equipment (PA, Microphones etc.), plus musical instruments. We may also use props, costumes and other necessary items. We respectfully ask that you or your guests do not touch or interfere with our equipment in any way, unless explicitly authorised in advance by us.

Please be aware that if you, your guests or anyone associated with your party interferes with our equipment or props in any way  then you may be held liable for any subsequent costs.
We thank you in advance for your co-operation in regards to this.

Abusive Behaviour:
We will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards our performers and we reserve the right to withdraw from the performance at zero notice should this occur.
In such circumstances, no refunds will be given.

Tribute Shows and Original Copyright Owners:

Our shows are intended as loving, but unofficial parodies, and as such we strongly respect the rights of creators and copyright owners.

Our shows  feature our own unique storylines, scripts and settings, and should not be confused with the original.

They are not officially endorsed by any original copyright owner, unless stated otherwise.